Consulting fees

Atopic eczema treatment using bespoke blended cream, posted next day. FREE initial atopic eczema treatment consultation first, blended cream posted next day.

After consultation for atopic eczema, the blend of prescription cream is made up and posted next day, with a letter to your GP to keep him or her informed

Consulting fees

  • Initial consultation up to 30 minutes: FREE, subsequent consultations £60 
  • Blended cream: £50 for 250g, £30 for 150g, £10 for 30g
  • Follow up advice by e-mail or text message is free

Booking a consultation appointment is easy via the online booking form.

Most patients with atopic eczema are looking for lasting remission; I guarantee your eczema will be clear or controlled within four weeks or your money back. Patients who have used mixed cream containing diluted steroids, antibacterials and Argan oil, report improvement in skin appearance within days, and clear skin within four weeks. I am therefore offering a money back guarantee if you do not achieve similar results for your own eczema or your child’s eczema.

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James Pimm Consulting Fees